Smart Waste Collection Systems

“What appears to be discreetly elegant on the surface, has something to hide!”

The combination of today’s demands on modern town planners and varying conditions on location make it necessary to consider customized solutions utilizing the subsurface in emerging Smart Cities of India.

To support the splendor of the urban cities and to ensure a sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructure, ZIPL aims to revamp the crude waste collection system through its mechanically advent and smart waste collection systems.

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Waste To Energy System

ZIPL is focused to provide Incineration based Waste to Energy Systems. It has partnered with Global Technology Service Providers to provide suitable and sustainable solutions for setting up Waste to Energy Systems in India.

ZIPL provides end to end services for supply, delivery and installation of equipment like Incinerator, Steam Boiler, Flue Gas Cleaning System, Pressurized Air Systems and all related Mechanical & Electrical machinery in setting up WTE plants.

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Waste Processing System

ZIPL aims at providing such sustainable and suitable waste processing systems. Waste Processing may result in generating different bi-products or consumables which are used for different utility purposes like fertilizers in farms, gas for cooking and even energy.

ZIPL provides state of the art technologies for processing waste efficiently and these systems include conversion of waste to consumables like compost, biogas or energy depending upon the quantum and quality of the waste.

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Waste Disposal Solutions

“Waste Disposal is a matter of critical concern and its negligence causes a huge impact on the ecosystem affecting wildlife, environment and humans”. Scientific Landfilling is the best suitable environmentally safe method of disposal for the fractions of municipal solid waste (MSW) that cannot be reduced, recycled, composted, combusted or processed. Scientific disposal of waste and engineered land filling makes optimal use of land.

ZIPL also aims at scientifically closing/ capping the existing dumpsites to rehabilitate them to public accessible areas.

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Water and Waste Water Management

“Water supports life and its effective management is crucial”. Water & Wastewater treatment is closely related to the standards and/or expectations set for the effluent quality. The treatment processes are designed to achieve improvements in the quality of the water or wastewater.

ZIPL is focusing currently on the Operation and Maintenance activities of Underground Sewerage Systems and Networks while on long term it aims at developing/ implementing water distribution projects and contributes to design, develop, operate and maintain water & wastewater treatment plants.

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