“We never realize the worth of water till the well is dry!” The same concept applied to land as well. With the growing land scarcity problems, protection of the land resources is a must and the responsibility of every individual. The waste disposal on land sites should be optimized so that the utilization of land is efficient. Also, to prevent contamination of resources beneath the land, scientific disposal of waste by developing engineered landfill facilities should be adopted.

The primary focus of ZIPL is to provide soil remediation and efficient landfill solutions to utilize the available disposal land areas. Scientifically closed Landfills do not pollute the air with the waste’s dirt or stench as the top layer is covered with soil and finally cultivated.

The smart waste disposal solutions provided by Zonta Infratech include:

  • Landfill engineering
  • Landfill capping and reclamation
  • Post closure monitoring

ZIPL Presence

Contracted Projects

• Scientific Landfill Closure of existing dumpsite at Ramayanpatti, Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu